by DigiPen Team Nuclear Lunch (Team of 12)

Mosh Pit is a 2D co-op defense-based beat-’em-up, where you and your closest friend are staff at a punk-rock concert, and you must defend the band so they can finish their set! This game was shipped in April 2019 for Windows PC and is available on the DigiPen Game Gallery and on Steam.

My Role – Physics and UI Programmer

As a physics programmer, I designed the vector-calculated, force-based Rigidbody system, which allows objects to freely and naturally move around the 2D space. I also wrote the collision detection/resolution systems, using a variety of self-taught algorithms to support circle colliders, any-sided polygon colliders, and continuous collision with one-directional line colliders.

As a UI programmer, I spent the second quarter of the development stage constructing a tree-based UI system. UI components can be anchored to any corner of the screen regardless of resolution and can also be vertically and/or horizontally aligned. Components can be parents/children of one another, generating a system where, for example, 5 buttons can be added to a canvas and that canvas can scale/translate all the buttons at once.

Wrapping up the project in the last two quarters, I maintained my physics and UI systems and developed new features like calls to our dynamic camera on the main menu and moving platforms. I found it challenging to introduce moving platforms in the game – I ran into many issues like the platform moving through players, or players not being carried by the platforms. Many of the major bugs were solved by carefully considering how the engine updates the game objects, and changing the order of component updating for proper object interactions.

Through these challenges, I found that my knowledge of how our custom engine worked on a fundamental level proved incredibly valuable. Therefore with future projects using proprietary engines, I plan to make sure I understand how the engine functions so that I can further my work on the project.

Awards and Honors